Cinque Terre


cover Cinque TerreATC Esercizio offers tourists and people living in the Cinque Terre area an efficient bus service in respect of the environment and the way people live within the local architecture. By employing ecological buses, some of which are methane-fuelled, ATC Esercizio has created connections among each village and the places around them.

The Park of Cinque Terre applies the same ticketing system used by ATC Esercizio., The “Cinque Terre Card” can be used on these “environment–friendly” buses. The timetable changes according to the period and season and can be found in the Tourist Offices.

ONE-HOUR SINGLE TICKET OR BOOK OF 10 SINGLE TICKETS at a reduced price for people living within the Park of Cinque Terre.

Free circulation for CINQUE TERRE TOURISTIC CARD holders.

The reductions in the prices are feasible thanks to the funding granted by the Municipalities ( Comuni) involved and by the Association of the Park. To learn more about these reductions ( granted only by the Municipality of Monterosso ) please read "Routes and tickets" below. 

 Timetable from 02nd November